Membership Plan Options

2014 Membership Plans Breakthrough Forum (PDF)

  1. What's in it for me? How will I benefit?

    Breakthrough innovation occurs when ideas are exchanged among people with diverse experiences, perspectives and opinions. This forum will allow you to tap into the experiences of peers "who have been there and done that."

    There is no better source of information!

    • You will experience breakthroughs that you can take back and use that day on your job or that night at home.
    • You will receive candid feedback and advice from respected peers on the issues that affect your personal effectiveness and well-being.
    • You have the opportunity to mentor members and experience the satisfaction of helping others.
    • You will make meaningful and useful connections with other key leaders that will benefit your company and your career.
  2. Who are members of the group?

    Senior leaders and emerging leaders who are managing significant resources and leading groups of product development and product management professionals make up our forum. Managers who are accountable for discovering, developing and launching innovative products and services in large and small companies in high tech, med tech and other manufacturing industries will benefit from this group.

  3. How is this different from other associations and networking groups?

    The forum is made up of a consistent group of seasoned successful technical leaders who are dedicated to mentoring each other and practicing continuous learning. We've established a level of trust and camaraderie that does not exist in traditional association and networking meetings. This trust will allow us to probe into the real essence of issues to find what matters and then discuss how you can apply it. We will deal with personal effectiveness and self mastery issues that are not addressed by others. This forum is truly about you and for you.

  4. How does this forum group operate?

    We meet monthly on Wednesday for lunch discussions or Fridays for company tours. Meetings will last 1-3 hours. Ultimately, the members mold the meeting format, location and content to meet their needs. We currently meet on Friday mornings beginning at 7:30 a.m. A standard central location is used to accommodate the membership but meetings also occur at member sites.

  5. What is the format of the meetings?

    Meetings consist of several of the following: a presentation by a subject matter expert, discussion of a topical case study, presentation and discussion of a member's key issue, site tours, review of best practices, networking and other member-selected activities. Dealing with member-specific issues will be the main focus of meetings. In depth discussion to unearth the root causes and to develop real-world solutions is our modus operandi.

  6. How does the facilitator add value? Why can't we just meet by ourselves?

    Let's answer the second question first. You’re too darn busy to arrange meeting sites, line up speakers, prepare case discussions, and deal with all the other logistics! In addition, facilitation is a skill, that when done right, can unearth the real root causes of problems, manage tension so it is productive, and make the learning and growth experience enjoyable and rewarding. Also the facilitator needs to work individually with members to help them prepare their case presentations so they clearly address the issues where they need help. The facilitator also needs to be impartial and see the issues as an outsider and to challenge members and hold them accountable to themselves and to the group.

  7. Who is the facilitator?

    Rod Greder, Ph.D. facilitates the group and handles all administrative duties. Rod earned a Ph.D. in plant genetics from the University of Illinois in 1986. He is a trained facilitator. Even more importantly, Rod has "been there and done that" and personally experienced the challenges of being a technical leader. He managed multi-million dollar budgets and led 100-person teams in new product development, marketing and biotechnology development for Cargill and Dow Chemical. He currently leads a successful consulting and training firm focused on improving productivity of new product development. He teaches marketing, new products management, creativity & innovation and project management and product development at St Thomas, Hamline, and the University of Minnesota and is a board member of the Product Development & Management Association-Minnesota and is co-chair of the Biotech SIG for Life Science Alley. His passions are teaching, training, facilitating and coaching of product development professionals.

  8. How much is the investment to join the Breakthrough Forum?

    Membership details can be reviewed in the attached file at the top of the FAQ page. Payment for the first 90 days is due when you are accepted into the group. If you are not satisfied at the end of the 90 day trial period your fee will be refunded. We are sure you will realize significant long-term value from membership in this group and that you will experience breakthroughs that you can apply professionally and personally.

  9. How can I get more information?

    Contact Rod Greder at New Productivity Group, LLC.
    Phone: (763) 443-1531
    Fax (763) 201-7053